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Brain Health Tips

Keeping your mind and creativity in top shape is serious work. Below you'll find some brain health tips to keep you performing at the top of your game. While they're primarily children's tips, many of these practices can help keep adults healthy and creative, as well. Check out our seven ways to ensure the good health of your brain.

Get a Good Night's Sleep

The brain is very active during the sleep cycle. Sleep coincides with the release of growth hormone in children and young adults. It is also necessary for the nervous system to work correctly. Check out these articles on understanding sleep and the health benefits of sleep.

Have Dinner As a Family

Regular family dinners correlate with many wonderful outcomes:

  • Lower Rates Of Substance Abuse, Teen Pregnancy & Depression, As Well As Higher Grade-Point Averages & Self-Esteem
  • Dinner Conversation Is a More Potent Vocabulary-Booster Than Reading
  • Stories Told Around the Kitchen Table Help Our Children Build Resilience.
  • Regular Family Meals Also Lower the Rates Of Obesity & Eating Disorders In Children & Adolescents
Family Dinner


Read to your children long after they can read themselves. Read material above the child's independent reading level to develop vocabulary and language skills while providing exercise to the imagination. Reading also provides good exercise for the adult brain.

Play Games

There are so many benefits of play including:

  • Reducing Stress
  • Honing Problem Solving
  • Social Skill Development
  • Physical Health

Use a Helmet

If you fall from your bike, the bicycle helmet takes the force of the blow — instead of your head.

  • Wear the Helmet Flat On the Top Of Your Head
  • Make Sure the Helmet Covers the Top Of Your Forehead Without Tilting Forward or Backward, & the Straps Form a V Shape Under Each Ear
  • Fasten the Chin Strap Below Your Chin - Not To the Side or Along Your Jaw
  • If the Bicycle Helmet Rocks From Side To Side or Front To Back, Use the Sizing Pads That Came With the Helmet To Get a Better Fit

People Gardening Together

Get Outside & Have Some Fun

Exposure to natural sunlight provides many health benefits. Sunlight provides 1,200 frequencies of light which all act on some part of your body. The light helps power the cells, regulate your biological clock and produce hormones. It also affects your metabolism and gives you the equivalent of vitamin C and vitamin D. When you're not getting enough light, all these functions start diminishing. Artificial light cannot provide the full spectrum of light frequencies needed. John Ott was a pioneer in analyzing the effects of artificial light on the human body and time-lapse photographer for Walt Disney too.

Use a Seat Belt

A seat belt can protect you in the event of a car accident. It's hard to use creativity if you're hurt in a bad accident.

Creative Ideas

Adding Creativity to Your Life to Stimulate and Enrich Your Imagination.

Do You Draw, Make Music, Write, Play or Work Creatively on a Regular Basis?

Here is an exercise adapted from The Joy of Drawing by Gerhard Gollwitzer to get the drawing juices flowing.

First, it is recommended that you stand while drawing to provide maximum freedom of movement.

Next, find a large sheet of paper. It can be the paper stuffed into the shipping box as filler, newsprint, or actual drawing paper. Lay your paper out on a sturdy table.

Choose a drawing implement. I like a drawing pencil but you can use a pen, a crayon, pastel, or charcoal.
Hold your implement loosely in your hand using your fingers and thumb (not like you are writing)

Now, draw a square in the air above your paper. Keep drawing the same square over and over until you land on the paper Continue drawing the square over and over. Don’t lift your pencil but draw long enough to get a feeling of the square drawing surface.

Start moving towards the inside of the square with horizontal and vertical lines.

Draw from the center of your body Rather than your wrist. The power should run from the center of your body, through your shoulder and arm to the point of the pencil.

Conquer the drawing surface from a square with parallel lines move to diagonals.

Starting in the same way, draw a circle and allow it to spiral inwards.

On a new sheet of paper start in the middle and spiral outwards emphasizing the final circle by redrawing it several times.

Let your pencil run along the inside edge of the circle in large or small spirals. Always draw everything without lifting your pencil and draw boldly.

Fill circles with all kinds of lines.

From circles progress to the figure 8.

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