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Sparks Ignite Imagination book


SPARKS Ignite Imagination by Nancy Illing

This book is a high quality educational activity book in full color. It's 64 pages are packed with information, inspiration, and resources for developing creativity.

$14.00 US free shipping


Includes everything you need to get started creating:
SPARKS Ignite Imagination book, sketchbook, watercolors, markers, pencil, eraser, ruler/stencil, stickers, and oven-bake clay, all packed into a handy plastic portfolio.
Sending birthday, get well, and holiday wishes is easy. We will enclose a personalized message card from you and no pricing information will appear on the packing slip.
$28 includes shipping

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"It was amazing to see our sullen, self-absorbed, 14 year old daughter take an interest in writing. Something in the book caught her imagination in a way her teachers never did." Paula D. Los Angeles, CA

"This uninhibited workbook causes children's imagination to run wild." Wendy S. Weare, NH

"An innovative approach to developing creative thinking skills." Elizabeth Miner PhD, New York, NY

"Your company is fabulous and I look forward to recommending it highly." Rachel N. Ocean City, FL


There are no standard children.
With all the multimedia entertainment available today, children spend little time thinking and daydreaming.

Without practice, the natural creativity of children will wither.

Standardized testing and curriculum will standardize what children will know, perhaps even how they think.

This book is an effort to keep that creativity alive and provide practice in the thinking skills that inspire innovation and invention.

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Ladies Shoes to Color by IZAK

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Do you enjoy great shoes?
Indulge yourself with this high quality coloring book of stylish shoes to color. 30 drawings of pairs of shoes to embellish with paint, marker, ribbons, buttons, buckles and bows.

Ladies' Shoes to Color by Izak
$5.99 free shipping

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